Based in Kuwait
And Expanding . . .

About Us
Here at Appsvenue, we are the experts in all kinds of marketing, serving as a one-stop solution that will allow your business to grow sustainably and reach its potential. Our team of experts has more than 33 years of experience in this industry as well as 15 years of presence in the market, so you know you’re in good hands.
Originally located in Kuwait, our company has now expanded to the Gulf region, now proud to be working with clients in Dubai, Oman, and Qatar!
We specialize in creating and executing powerful branding campaigns for companies operating within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as putting together effective meetings and conferences that allow our clients to gain further engagement and become the frontrunners in their marketplace niche.
With our expert services comes everything you could possibly need to succeed, including printing press facilities, creative designs, and effective marketing solutions. The best part, We do all of this in an efficient and cost-effective manner, allowing your business to thrive.

Our Team
  • Sami Abulabada

    General Manager

    Professional and highly specialized event manager with 13 years of experience in design, printing, and events organizing.

    He is responsible for the full execution of events as well as managing an entire team in doing so. Furthermore, he is responsible for creating and implementing creative designs in accordance with a client brief and has surpassed expectations in the results that I have achieved.

  • Alan Radi

    Business Analyst

    After successfully analyzing the right marketing recipes for more than 7 Years.

    Alan has been able to build strategies for businesses looking to maximize their sales potential and gain brand value.

  • Khazma Alsayed

    Medical Writer

    B.Sc. pharm graduated with 10 years of experience in different sales, marketing & medical positions across multiple international & multinational companies in pharmaceuticals (GSK, Merck Serono, Genpharm, lunatus,& Abbvie).

    Khazma has extensive experience in medical activities, preparing and managing advisory reports, writing summary reports and in preparing slides for medical topics, and reviewing medical reports.

  • Mohammed Kholy

    Visual Creator

    BS in Computer science graduate with an experience for more than 5 years in different creative animation videos and infographic videos. He has the ability to create and deliver the creative ideas via animation and infographics videos.

  • Khaled Salama

    Marketing Consultant

    Dynamic and result oriented professional with 12 years in sales, marketing and digital marketing ,excellent networking and communication skills.

    Leadership with an entrepreneurial attitude and a great team player. Knowledge of Kuwait and GCC region, handling medical conferences and events in deep details and professionalism to have an exceptional moments for each client

  • Mohamad Abdullah

    Visual Art Director

    BS in Computer Graphic Design graduate with an experience for more than 12 years in different creative, advertising, branding and social media.

    Mohamad has the ability now to create and deliver successful communication strategies through the use of design, advertising and new media while collaborating with other creative professionals.

  • Ahmed Amer

    Office Adminstrator

    Has 5 years of experience, he ensures that all the logistics are in place and he is a key factor of our success, by keeping track of the events from the scratch to its closing which helps us to have a strong data base.

    Ahmed makes sure that everything is in place by confirming the bookings and ensure the right team is working up to date to finish the events preparation ahead of team and avoid any mistakes and also having a plan B for any surprises.

  • Mohamed Fayad

    Production Manager

    15 years of experience, he currently leads a team and take care of the production of different elements from registration desk, backdrop, light boxes, banners, stands to stage.

    With his extensive experience Fayyad always find the best fit elements and materials to meet the client budget and ensure the end result is up to standard. He always find solutions to the most difficult meeting rooms and overcomes all the challenges to surprise the meeting owner with the results.