Virtual Meeting

Technological advances and the needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic have made it possible and most important for different industries to hold virtual conferences and meetings. However, the key to the success of such events is a virtual conference platform that makes it easy to create, brand and host events, either for a single session or a full webinar out of many sessions spanning several days. Zoom is one of the best virtual conference platforms to host your virtual event, which has many great features.

We at Appsvenue are distinguished for organizing exhibitions and conferences by organizing virtual conferences in a smooth and professional manner, as we have an integrated and specialized team to manage the virtual conference with all professionalism, as there is a team to communicate with the speakers and train them on the platform in addition to another team to record lectures in advance and montage the recorded lectures in addition to a full IT team.

Their role on the day of the conference is to ensure the smooth entry and exit of the lecturers without any technical problems in addition to having two separate rooms, one for the attendees and the other for the speakers and organizers.
This setup ensures that all technical problems are avoided during the event and in case of a technical problem it will be resolved without the audience noticing.

Virtual meeting solutions and web conferencing applications are witnessing an unprecedented increase in the number of users with the repercussions of the COVID-19 that forced employees to continue working and learning from their homes.

The main strategy for many companies is to use virtual online meetings and various communication platforms instead of in-person meetings to enhance productivity, minimize cost and have an easy spread across geography.